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1 - Investment Management

Investment management, at any age, is an important part of your financial well being.  It's important to get an idea of where you are right now, identify your goals for the future, and determine a good route to help accomplish those goals.  Developing an investment strategy with a financial professional will assist you by providing a guideline to use on your financial journey.  There are many factors we review in order to determine the best strategy for your individual needs and identify any gaps or opportunities.  They include your investment goals, expectations, comfort level, tax implications, income needs, time horizon, family dynamics and a risk analysis.

If you already have a plan in place, when was the last time your financial advisor reviewed it?  Since your financial situation changes over time, it is extremely important to review your strategy and make adjustments when appropriate.  Do you know where your investments are and what you're invested in?  Are they still in line with your goals?  Do you have regular contact with your advisor?  Communication is a key component of a good advisor-client relationship.  All of these questions are very important to ask to ensure you're being giving the service that you deserve.  

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(Investment and financial planning services are offered by Joseph J. Ochotny, Jr. through his affiliation with Avantax)